Santa is the main character of Season 1: Santa's Curse.

Santa has an evil personality with a soft side. He has supernatural abilities, but does not show them often. None are recommended to trust him, as he is as deceptive and manipulating as the devil.

Biography Edit

Santa is a criminal that has done terrible things to many innocent people. He kidnapped 4 characters and raped and tortured them. He is very evil and is to be feared, yet has a softer, charismatic side that can lead many to believe the opposite. He has feelings just like everyone else, but whether those feelings are real or not is unknown. Santa has supernatural powers with the force of the devil on his side. His curse is something beyond control as it kills off people around him one by one. When he was arrested and sent to prison, he was fed up with his fellow prisoners constantly messing with him so his evil side prevailed as his curse became active, while still showing his soft side to the prison to prevent suspicion.